Is towing harmful to my vehicle?

No, most vehicles are towed with a flatbed and we take care to treat all vehicles with care.

How do you handle all-wheel drive vehicles?

All-wheel drive vehicles are towed with a flatbed or a wheel lift truck with dollys under the drive wheels. Both methods will not allow the drivetrain to turn going down the road.

Can a vehicle with an automatic transmission be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?

In most cases, yes, vehicles with automatic transmission can be towed with drive wheels on the ground but only for a short distance.

Does Grand Valley Towing have tow trucks powerful enough to tow my big rig?

No, we do not have trucks for towing big rigs at this time.

Can you tow motorcycles?

Yes, we can tow motorcycles. We use a condor motorcycle carrier to prevent any damage.

Can you tow my vehicle out of a parking garage?

In most cases we can tow vehicles out of a parking garage. 7 foot 5 inches is our lowest clearance.

Do I have to be with the vehicle for it to be towed?

No, you do not have to be with the vehicle. We prefer owners to not be with the vehicle, and ask that the keys be put under the floor mat or above the visor.

What are your hours of operation?

Our regular hours are 7 am to 10 pm. We do have staff on hand for emergency calls after hours.